Apr 28, 2022

The Problem with Orgasm: Shift Your Focus for More Intimate Sex

Improve your intimacy and sex life with a simple mental shift!

Culture tells us that orgasm is the goal of sex.

Some of that messaging is because people tend to gravitate toward goal-oriented behavior.

But it's also a remnant of archaic beliefs about sex being only to produce children.

So today, we're going to bust out of the orgasm-focused sexual narrative and shift to a more intimate and enjoyable focus: Pleasure!

When you change your perspective about the goal of sex, you open yourself to greater possibilities. There's more to feel, play with, and explore.

Plus, sex is often more exciting and hot when you focus on your pleasure instead of orgasm.

Watch the video now to find out more!

Jami Lynn

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Music: 'Lion' by Sapajou
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0:00 Intro
0:49 What is an orgasm?
2:21 The problem with orgasm
6:08 Orgasm-focused sex
7:12 Shifting to pleasure-focus

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