Jul 22, 2022

Five Simple Steps to STOP Conflict in Relationship | Communication Skills to Improve Intimacy

Last month, I had a challenging interaction with someone I love. They said a hurtful comment about queer folks, and I came real close to losing my temper at them.

Thankfully, years of practicing relational skills helped me catch the impulse to move one-up and boundaryless.

I used five simple steps to catch the emotional reactivity and shift into a conversation that helped us both grow.

In today's video, I'll share a road map that you can use to help diffuse conflict in your relationships. Whether you're stopping anger, anxiety, shame, or other unpleasant emotions - this process will help you.

Relationships are triggering. There's no way to be close to people without occasionally setting off each other's wounding or noticing different values. No matter what, there will be conflict.

The beauty of this life lies in your choices.

Will you approach conflict trying to win? Trying to make them agree with you.

Or will you look at those moments of friction as an opportunity to grow into more love, compassion, and curiosity?

I believe the second option could help save our species from the oppressive hierarchical and violent patterns humans are stuck in.

And these five simple steps walk you through how to use conflict as an opportunity.

So that love and kindness are your default in challenging moments.

The Revolution we need is one of love. Thank you for adding more love and intimacy to this world.

Jami Lynn

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