Dec 28, 2021

Self-Soothe Fear & Anxiety: Exploratory Orienting to Calm Your Brain and Body

TLDR: This practice calms anxiety and fear by communicating safety to your brainstem.

Today's practice is all about hacking the body's natural systems (sight and safety scans) to help you self-soothe. Humans have evolved to rely heavily on our vision to determine safety and danger, so we can intentionally use sight to calm our nervous system.

Exploratory orienting comes from Somatic Experiencing, a trauma recovery model developed by Peter Levine, PhD. When you look around a room slowly, taking in as much detail as possible, you communicate safety to the lower parts of the brain.

You can use this practice to calm anxiety, emotional flooding and overwhelm, and during trauma flashbacks. Think about it as another resource in your mental health toolkit.

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XO, Jami Lynn

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Music: 'Lion' by Sapajou
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DISCLAIMER: This content is not therapy, nor is it a substitute for therapy. If something in this video is activating, illuminating, or intriguing to you - please seek a trained professional to explore the topic with.

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