Dec 28, 2021

Understand the Nuance of Sex: What it is and why it matters in YOUR sex life

TLDR: Become a better lover by discovering more nuances in sex.

Media and porn often portray sex and sexuality with little nuance. Most porn is heteronormative and focused on movements that will bring the man to orgasm.

If you or your partner are bored with this prescribed method of sex, then a solution is to improve your nuance.

What do I mean by that?

I mean discover ways to play with subtleties of seduction, sensation, fantasy, energy, foreplay, and intercourse. So often, people become focused on the obvious and, dare I say, easy aspects of sex: genitals and orgasm. Usually the man's orgasm, thanks patriarchy.

By developing your sexual nuance, you become more sensitive to minor shifts in sexual pleasure. It is easy to follow your pleasure, and your partner's, when you can play with slight variations in sexual play.

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XO, Jami Lynn

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