Dec 28, 2021

Take CONTROL of your TURN-ON! Practice mindfulness to create turn-on

TLDR: Stop waiting to feel turned-on and learn how to create arousal whenever you want.

We live in a culture that champions "spontaneous" arousal as the BEST possible way to feel turned-on. Something sexy happens in front of you and suddenly your heart beats faster, your skin becomes more sensitive, and you're ready for an amazing time. Nothing wrong with that...

The problem starts when people buy the story that this is what sex and turn-on SHOULD look like. Spontaneous arousal becomes the only way people learn how to feel excited, and then they're confused when sex turns infrequent, boring, or frustrated.

If you want a long-lasting, fulfilling sexual life then discovering your turn-on and learning how to light it up at will is essential.

Don't wait for a lightning bolt of sexual energy to strike you - CREATE your own lightning!

In this video, I'll share a simple meditation to help you FIND your sexual energy and connect to it. This is a beginner's mindfulness practice in sexual control. I hope you enjoy!

XO, Jami Lynn

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