Jul 22, 2022

Facial Massage | Practice Self-Soothing for Greater Intimacy

What does self-soothing and knowing how to calm your nervous system have to do with intimacy?


Without the ability to calm yourself during stressful times, you do not have a way to come back into connection and bonding.

While it's possible to practice allowing painful emotions to move through you and experience intimacy that way...I wouldn't recommend that as the first step on this journey.

The first step is knowing how to care for yourself with kindness and love.

In today's video, we're pulling a skill from the world of neuroscience. You might have heard of Polyvagal Theory, a theoretical model detailing the role of your vagus nerve.

Today's practice uses the power of the vagus nerve to down-regulate your nervous system and help you return to a grounded state.

Watch today's video to find out more!

Jami Lynn

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Music: 'Lion' by Sapajou
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