Dec 28, 2021

5 Winning Strategies to IMPROVE Your Relationship: Best Ways to Communicate and Show Love

TLDR: We all use strategies in relationships, let's talk about the five strategies that work best to help you get what you want from your love life.

You want more connection, better communication, and a loving relationship, right?

Awesome! Then let's talk about some simple strategies that will get you there!

We all use strategies to get what we want and need in relationship. Some strategies improve intimacy and promote better communication, while others cause greater conflict and distance.

Today we're going to talk about the five strategies that will IMPROVE your relationship. They are:

- Making REQUESTS, not complaints (Video about requests here:
- Speaking with love & savvy
- Responding with generosity
- Empowering your partner
- Cherishing

Watch the video to hear examples of each one and how to use all five in YOUR relationship.

Good luck! You got this!

You can have the relationships and love life you've always wanted, and the Winning Strategies will help you get there.

I hope you enjoy! Remember to like this video, share it with your people, and subscribe to my channel for more relationship/sexuality tips and tools!

XO, Jami Lynn

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