Jul 22, 2022

Practice Mirror Work: Radical Self-Love to Transform Your Brain and Life!

Are you ready for my new favorite practice?!

I've added some words to my mirror work each morning after reading Edith Eger's book The Gift, and I can tell it's bringing me transformational changes!

Loving energy and speaking affirmations can be powerful tools in changing your brain. So often, people look at themselves with a critical eye. Culture teaches us to be perfect in order to get love. It's no surprise that people struggle to embody self-love and self-compassion!

I'll be honest, I've got two reasons why you should start practicing the skill of radical self-love today. One is scientific and one is slightly woo-woo!

Let's talk science first: Judgment is one of the single most dangerous things human beings do. We judge each other's skin, sexual orientation, religion, and even what car someone drives! The impulse to judge leads to shame, mental illness, oppression, and even violence.

You might be wondering how self-judgment fits into these huge social issues, yeah? Well, a person who is judging themself, and probably others too, is someone who's dumping excitatory neurochemicals on their brain, flooding themself with cortisol and adrenaline (stress hormones).

Some people the stress turns inward, being unkind to themself, but other people turn that stress outward. Fear and pain inside a person lead to fear/anger/pain outside. People who are hurting are more likely to hurt others.

I could give a million other reasons why you learning to love yourself will benefit humankind, but I'll only touch this one idea for now. Learning to stop unkind/judgmental thoughts about yourself will calm your brain and create a safer, more kind world.

Now for the woo-woo reason: You have only one life! You are here for maybe 100 years! Do you want to spend that time loving yourself or picking yourself apart?

Imagine a world where everyone truly loved themselves. Regardless of age, ability, skin color, or status. You only have control over yourself. Practice self-love and you can help humanity move towards greater kindness and health.

If you struggle to practice radical self-love in your life each day, then watch this video.

Jami Lynn

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0:00 The Gift
1:23 The Practice
4:39 How the practice may be hard
7:45 Unconditional love

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