Mar 28, 2022

How to Embrace Not Knowing | Letting go of unconscious stories

"Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear" - Edgar Allen Poe

This is one of the first things my Tantra teacher said to me and I LOVE it!

Sure, this quote is hyperbole and shouldn't be followed exactly...

But there's some wisdom in these words and it is backed by neuroscience.

Your brain is a meaning-making machine. Neural networks store both conscious and unconscious meanings about the world.

Meaning-making is a necessary part of effective living.

It's how you quickly recognize and react to every situation life throws your way.

At the same time, meanings that no longer apply can cause you more pain than good.

Old meanings are one of the number one blocks to intimacy.

Thankfully, you have the power to change old beliefs that no longer serve you. Watch the video to find out how!

Jami Lynn

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