Jul 22, 2022

Stop Trying, Start Doing | How to progress toward relational health

Get ready for some wisdom that may surprise you.

Holocaust survivor and psychologist, Edith Eger, shares some loving and firm words in her book The Gift...

And I cannot stop repeating them to myself!

"Trying is lying"

How often do you say you want something and you're "trying" to do it.

Maybe you want to initiate more sensual touch in your sex life. Or have a weekly date night. Or prioritize your meditation practice.

When you say "I'm trying" to change this pattern in my life, but you're not taking action...then you're lying to yourself, boo.

Saying that you're trying keeps you stuck.

Rather than taking the actions required for change, you keep pushing the desired goal off for future-you.

When you stop trying and start doing, you'll finally make progress towards whatever you desire.

It won't be perfect, or easy, but oh my goodness! It is worth it!

Because you are worth doing more than "trying." You deserve action and imperfect progress.

Jami Lynn

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0:00 The Gift by Edith Eger
1:52 Progress!!!
3:02 Examples of "trying is lying"
7:02 When is "trying" appropriate?

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