Dec 29, 2021

Relationship 101 Series: Three Reasons Why You May Feel Triggered

Relationships are challenging. We're different people attempting to meet our separate relational needs. No wonder love feels messy sometimes!

In this video, I'll break down three common issues that lead to feeling insecure in relationship. I'll also share the #1 skill you can practice to move out of reactive, triggered interaction and back towards intimacy: SELF-AWARENESS.

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Much Love,
Jami Lynn


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Music: 'Lion' by Sapajou
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DISCLAIMER: This content is not therapy, nor is it a substitute for therapy. If something in this video is activating, illuminating, or intriguing to you - please seek a trained professional to explore the topic with

0:00 The beauty of being triggered in relationship
3:03 Your history shapes your reactions
4:45 Three things that trigger you (and your partner)
10:42 Forgetting your partner has feelings
15:12 Know your triggered reaction (so you can change it)

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