Apr 28, 2022

Six Magic Words for MORE Intimacy and a BETTER Relationship

Words are powerful.

Sure, they are made up and imperfect at capturing the richness of experience...

But words are the most powerful tool throughout history for linking people and ideas.

Without language, we wouldn't know our history or how to connect across generations.

Words are the bedrock of our thoughts, and the way in which we know ourselves.

They also have the power to make or break a relationship. When you use words intentionally and with love, you can share your heart with another person.

And when you use them carelessly or callously, words can cut and torment another person.

In today's video we're talking about six magic words that people use in relationship to stay connected, even when there's conflict.

If you're in love with someone and you want to create more intimacy and connection with them, then REMEMBER THESE WORDS: "The story I'm telling myself is..."

Researcher, Brene Brown talks about these words in her Netflix special, saying that couples who use these words statistically have better relationships.

Neurologically speaking, our brain likes to make up stories. We are meaning-making machines. People naturally try to fill in the narrative about why others are behaving the ways they do...and most of the time, those stories aren't true.

So when you use these magic words "the story I'm telling myself is..." you bring a little doubt and curiosity to the story in your mind. And your partner has the opportunity to correct any errors.

Of all the words I know, these are the most useful ones for loving confrontation in relationship.

Jami Lynn

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