Jul 22, 2022

Arousal and Your Nervous System | Understand HOW You Get Turned-On

Arousal is SO much more than just getting hot, hard, and wet...

Arousal is a constantly changing dance between physical, emotional, mental, and contextual factors.

Maybe your mind is turned on, but your body isn't yet. Or you really want to have sex, but you feel little physical satisfaction in the end.

Understanding how your arousal system works is key to a great sex life.

Researcher Emily Nagoski shares the most comprehensive model for understanding sexual arousal in her book Come as You Are.

She talks about how the accelerator and brake systems are always running to help you feel turned on or not.

Check out today's video to understand how this process affects your erotic life.

Jami Lynn

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0:00 Emily Nagoski's book!
2:50 Arousal vs. Desire
5:01 Central Nervous System basics and arousal
7:11 Sexual excitatory and inhibitory systems
8:33 Sexual Brakes (STRESS)
9:40 Practice: What are your sexual accelerators and brakes?

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