Dec 29, 2021

Boundaries: Why you NEED a Physical and Psychological Boundary

Everybody is talking about boundaries!

You know they're necessary. You know you should be practicing them. But do you know how to practice your boundaries?

If it feels a little fuzzy, like "Ummm maybe I know how to boundary....?" Then you are in the right place!

Today's video covers the foundational boundaries necessary to living a happy, safe, and connected life: the physical and the psychological boundary!

Physical boundaries help your body experience a felt sense of safety. While Psychological boundaries help you choose what energy and information makes it's way into your heart and mind.

I call these the foundational boundaries because without them you will struggle to set clear boundaries with people in your life. Practice and master these two skills before you start setting boundaries outside yourself.

If you want more help applying these skills in your life, check out my training Boundaries: Create Your Peace! You can find it here -

Tons of love!
Jami Lynn


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Music: 'Lion' by Sapajou
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DISCLAIMER: This content is not therapy, nor is it a substitute for therapy. If something in this video is activating, illuminating, or intriguing to you - please seek a trained professional to explore the topic with

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