Dec 27, 2021

IMPROVE Your Communication: 3 Skills to Become a Better LISTENER

TLDR: When you listen to your partner well, you communicate your love to them.

Learning how to listen skillfully will improve the overall health of your relationship and your communication. If you want to feel closer to your partner (and help them feel closer to you), plus diffuse arguments before they start - listening is the answer.

In today's video I'll share 3 skills to become a better listener and examples of how to do each one. The skills are:

- Quieting your mind
- Asking Questions (the right kind of questions)
- Reflection

I hope you enjoy! XO - Jami Lynn

Improve your boundaries today:

***Two Day Deep-Dive into Healthy Boundaries***

Start your mindfulness practice with this guided meditation:


Music: 'Lion' by Sapajou
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DISCLAIMER: This content is not therapy, nor is it a substitute for therapy. If something in this video is activating, illuminating, or intriguing to you - please seek a trained professional to explore the topic with.

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