Jul 22, 2022

Why are women hard to turn-on? | Gender Differences and Arousal

A question I get all the time about sexuality is "Why is it harder to turn-on women?"

To be honest, I think there's some cultural issues with this question. We tend to hold straight male sexual responses as "normal." And anything that doesn't match that model is viewed as problematic.

There's a reality to the belief that female and femme GSD folx have a more complicated sexual response, but that's not bad. That's AWESOME!

Sure, you might have to work a little harder to turn on your femme partner, but I say "YAY challenge! Bring it on."

And you can too, once you understand the reasons for the difference in sexual response.

In today's video, we'll cover one reason there's a difference between men and women's arousal: anatomy.

A penis shows off its arousal in a pretty obvious way...whereas a vulva is a bit more subtle.

Learn how this phenomenon affects arousal concordance (and non-concordance) and the reasons why our genitals respond differently to sexually relevant information. Watch the video now and leave comments below ;)

Jami Lynn

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