Apr 28, 2022

Your Feelings Matter: What neuroscience tells us about emotions

Time for some mental health awareness!

What exactly are feelings? And why are they an essential part of life?

Emotions are a roller coaster. Sometimes you feel happy, curious, and relaxed, and other times, you're depressed, anxious, or embarrassed.

Most people LOVE when the "positive" feelings happen and will do anything to escape the "negative" or unpleasant feelings.

No surprise, right?

All animals are built to enjoy what feels good and avoid what doesn't. But what if feelings are vital information designed to help us live our best lives?

What if unpleasant feelings are our trailhead to greater joy?

If you want to master your emotions, first, you have to listen to your feelings.

Watch today's video to understand what neuroscience tells us about our feelings and their purpose in our nervous system.

Jami Lynn

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DISCLAIMER: This content is not therapy, nor is it a substitute for therapy. If something in this video is activating, illuminating, or intriguing to you - please seek a trained professional to explore the topic with

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